Chiropractic Testimonials

"Prior to finding Advantage Chiroporactic & Massage our family’s quality of life was poor. We had taken every medical avenue available to us and were stuck. Our 14 year old daughter was experiencing headaches, migraines, nausea, vertigo, and a multitude of other symptoms every day for seven months. She was unable to attend school or complete her normal day to day activities and the stress on our family was a lot to take. After being seen by neurologists, cardiac specialists, hormone specialists, conventional doctors, naturopaths, being placed on medication, and having a multitude of tests completed, with no answers, we found Advantage Chiropractic online and decided to try chiropractic care for the first time.

After one week of adjustments and massages, the migraines and throwing up stopped. A few weeks later, the headaches stopped, and the other symptoms soon disappeared. She is feeling better every day and our family is able to have normalcy again. Not only has our daughter benefited from their care, but my husband hurt his back and work and is about to return to full-time quickly with adjustments and massages. My sleep has improved immensely and our nine year old son has stopped complaining of his back and leg pains.

We know our family’s quality of life will continue to improve thanks to the care, knowledge, and passion of Dr. Anik, Dr. Darin, Dr. John, Dr. Werner, and the entire team of Advantage Chiropractic & Massage."

- Natasha H.

"I am able to turn my head to the right now! Since high school and other chiropractors, it did not turn well and I experienced dizziness. Overall I have increased coordination, no headaches or intense low back pain following chiropractic care. I will continue to make appointments for wellness throughout my retirement. Outstanding and superior chiropractic knowledge."

- Janett W.

"My quality of life has always been excellent. Unfortunately that level of excellence changed about three months ago when for some unknown reason I started experiencing pain in my neck. The pain was constant, stabbing and debilitating. The level of pain, which ranged from a four to a ten, was so extreme that I found myself unable to do anything. Hence, I decided to seek chiropractic care with Dr. Anik. After having seen Dr. Anik every other day and then decreasing my appointments to twice a week and ultimately to once a week, my quality of life improved tremendously. I no longer need to rely on a daily regimen of Tylenol, ice and Bio-Freeze, and I have been able to return to my normal activities. I anticipate maintaining a high quality of life through a short term course of wellness visits. As a strong believer in traditional medicine, I have learned that chiropractic care can be an enhancement to one’s wellbeing."

- Barbara L.

"I came to see Dr. Darin after being referred by a close friend because I was experiencing nausea and pain in my upper abdomen radiating to my upper back. I was actually scheduled for a gall bladder removal surgery because my family physician decided that my gallbladder was causing all of my pain. I thought I would see a chiropractor as a last resort before having the surgery. After my very first adjustment my pain was greatly decreased! Within a couple of weeks, and several adjustments, my pain was almost gone! Needless to say, I cancelled the surgery! I am so grateful for the chiropractic help I have received. Now seeing the chiropractor is no longer a last resort but rather the first option I use to ease my pain! Chiropractic has made me healthier by reminding me that the body fuctions and malfunctions as a whole. Everything begins with the spine and flows out from three."

- Melanie A.

"After two back surgeries I still had daily sciatica pain in my right leg, hip, and foot. Chiropractic first helped with light adjustments along with a couple of simple exercises and massage. We then progressed to a small heal lift on my right side I had some relief right away. Then moved to use other techniques that helped greatly. We started twice weekly, then once weekly and now every two weeks or as needed. I no longer need pain medication and am almost completely pain free. I can ride in the car, drive, and amvery active and glad to have my life back. I sleep well, eat well, and I’m a happy camper."

- M. Fleck

"I had neuropathy pain in my lower legs and arms at night as well as ongoing neck pain. After the first two adjustments I was sleeping better and the neuropathy was gone. No more pain pills! I am feeling much better and telling family and friends to try it!"

- Marjorie R.

"My chiropractor has helped to keep me walking! I appreciate being able to come in when I am hurting. They have kept me from taking additional medication, not only for back and leg pain but also for sinus and migraine aches! The exercises they recommend helped a lot. The office staff makes me feel welcome and important to them. I am now able to be on my feet more and take less pain medication!"

- Harriet H.

"I started my chiropractic care two and a half years ago. I have regular adjustments every three weeks. I’ve been out of pain since the initial stages of my care. I no longer take aspirin, muscle relaxer, pain pills or anti inflammation medication. I took control of my health with regular adjustments and walking. My overall health has improved and my posture has improved greatly."

- Anonymous

"My chiropractor is a God send! My primary MD said I needed back surgery, and my chiropractic doctor took thirty minutes to fix my back and toe. My toe was numb for nine months and my back problems were getting worse, I was on all kinds of pain meds. Yesterday I spent my afternoon walking all over town without pain or a cane and without pain pills! Amazing!"

- Elaine W.

"Following being sick for three months and hospitalized for three weeks with a feeding tube and a bunch of testing and x-rays, the doctors had no answers and I dropped down to 73 pounds. After just two adjustments I could feel the difference. I have been coming in for adjustments for three months now and I am eating a regular diet and have gained back 12 pounds."

- Ashley L.

"I have had allergies since I was a young girl and with age they were getting worse. After chiropractic care all my allergies, hives and flushing disappeared in a few short weeks. I could not believe it myself! The chiropractic process is all very painless and I will most likely keep up maintenance because of all the added benefits. Not only have I gotten much better regarding the allergies, I also feel and look healthier. I can now stand for longer periods of time and work harder without back pain."

- Lynn B.

"My daughter is seven years old and we took her to the doctor for an awful stomach ache that lasted for over six months. The doctor wanted to put her on ulcer medication for the rest of her life. There was no proof that she had ulcers. The pharmacist advised me that this is a very dangerous medication, so, we sought chiropractic care instead at the advice of a friend. We are so happy to report that Olivia has not had a tummy ache since her second visit! This has been a complete answer to prayer!"

- Anonymous

"Following a car accident I was experiencing low back, hip and neck pain. After trying everything I could think of, acupuncture, physical therapy, even a pain counselor, I had been afraid to go to a chiropractor but it was the last thing to try. After my first visit I was able to walk with less pain. After my first month I was so much better. Believe it or not it only took me two years to see them. As long as I listen to my body and get an adjustment once a month I do very well."

- Anonymous

"After a few months of chiropractic, my shoulder and back felt so good I decided to give bodybuilding a try again. I competed and won the overall Mr. Evergreen. I also won the 2002 Mr. Washington heavyweight. I am currently training for nationals in Pittsburg. I am able to train hard again since receiving chiropractic. I’ve lost ten inches off my waist and my back feels a lot better. For for years I thought my training was over for me and now I’m back and I feel great!"

- Tim F.