Sleep Deprivation

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Over 100 million American have sleep problems. If you’re sleep deprived in Longview WA and Battle Ground WA, you understand how tormenting it is to be denied the most natural of all your basic human needs. You may be feeling depleted, irritable, impatient and sickly.

Sleep Better With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors help to remove restrictions in the spine. These restrictions create w long list of unwanted effects including insomnia. By eliminating the restrictions, you’re eliminating the source of the problem, which means the negative side effects, including insomnia disappear and better quality sleep takes its place.

A recent paper published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders suggests that insomnia could be caused by complex chemical interactions in the brain resulting from spinal misalignment. When the spine is misaligned, over time a pattern of chronic insomnia may develop and contribute to further discomfort and sleeplessness. Removing interference in the spine helps with relaxation and circulation.

According to the national sleep foundation (, 40% of infants experience better sleep following a single chiropractic adjustment.

At Advantage Chiropractic, Chiropractic adjustments, nutritional and lifestyle suggestions can help you recover from insomnia and develop healthier sleep.