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Naturopathic Longview WA Michelle Ritola



Dr. Michelle grew up in SW Washington and received a B.S. in Biology from Portland State University in 1997.

After 19 years working as an analyst and chemist at Columbia Analytical Services, now ALS, in Kelso, she returned to school at National University of Natural Medicine to study Naturopathic Medicine. She graduated in 2021 with her Naturopathic Medicine degree with additional coursework in integrative mental health, eating disorders, and craniosacral therapy.

Dr. Michelle is a keen advocate of Health of Every Size© and loves the puzzle of finding the root cause of illness and helping people feel at peace in their own bodies. As a Naturopathic Doctor, she is grateful to have the time to listen to her patients and collaborate with them on an appropriate treatment plan. Dr. Michelle can order traditional and functional laboratory testing as well as prescribe from a large toolbox that includes lifestyle modifications, botanical medicine, supplements, energy medicine including homeopathy, or pharmaceuticals if indicated. Although just beginning her naturopathic practice, Dr. Michelle has decades of experience researching alternative options for her friends and family.

Dr. Michelle met her partner of 26 years at the apartment next door and they have a combined total of four children and eleven grandchildren. Her favorite place to be is at home in her garden or having dinner with friends and family.


Reflexologist, Lactation Consultant,
Bowen Therapist, Registered Nurse

Jacque Dailey R.N.

Chiropravctic Longview WA Alona P. Meet The Team

Licensed in Acupuncture and clinical hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programing

Alona Polecastro LAc, MAOM, CHT

My scope of practice includes acupuncture and acupressure, hypnosis, allergy relief, herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, reflexology, and cupping treatment.

I grew up here in the northwest and love this area with the versatility it provides.

I graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine June 2000. and Apositiva Hypnosis March 2006.

My reason for becoming an acupuncturist was a personal one. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and western medicine could not give me any relief, after trying acupuncture at a friend's suggestion I had three weeks without pain and was sleeping through the night. I was premed for dental and had all but one class left, so I changed my major and enrolled in OCOM the following fall.

I believe our bodies are designed for self-preservation and they have an incredible ability to heal, sometimes it just needs a little help. I work with other providers on your behalf, including your western doctors for the best possible outcome for your health. I also feel the patient has some accountability in their care, so I do my best to educate and involve them in home care. There are simple things they can do to make a difference in their health. For example, food is medicine, and this is the single most important thing a patient can do to change their outcome. There are many other things such as improving water intake, quit smoking, or exercising to name a few. The beauty of this medicine is the treatment is tailored to the individual and as health improves the treatment can be adjusted.

Chiropractic Longview WA Ann Meet Team

certified ayurvedic practitioner

Ann Holaday

Ann Holaday studied the art of ayurvedic healing in India and with masters of ayurveda in the United States. After a lifetime career in modern medicine, ayurveda is her passion. Everyone can benefit from ayurvedic principles as it gets to the root cause of all conditions so that healing can begin. 

Ayurveda is an ancient, traditional medicine originating in India over 5000 years ago, it is evidence based although its effectiveness is now being realized by science. Ann believes that everyone can be a master of their own health once they have the knowledge, and she is here to guide all those who seek her guidance. Ann is certified in "Pranic Healing" and "Permaculture Design" as well as being a certified ayurvedic practitioner.

Massage Therapy Longview WA Amy LaRiviere Lead Massage Therapist



Amy has been providing bodywork in our community since 2004 when she graduated from Ashmead College of massage in Vancouver, WA.

She joined the Advantage team in 2011. Her areas of specialty deep tissue and injury treatment, chronic tensions, and restorative/wellness care. She prides herself on having an effective yet caring touch with her patients and looks forward to many more years with massage. Amy has 3 teenagers, works to stay sane and has a new found love for traveling!

Massage Therapy Longview WA Kimberli Clark Licensed Massage Therapist



Kim has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003 and has worked at Advantage Chiropractic since 2006.

Kim is well versed with relaxation, deep tissue and prenatal massage. She also works with cancer patients. Kim likes to integrate modalities to provide a well-rounded massage. Whether you are struggling with chronic or acute pain, recovering from an auto accident or trying to reduce stress, Kim can help. In her spare time, Kim enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her grandchildren, boating and attending car shows.

Massage Therapy Longview WA Krista Pohl Massage Therapist



Krista has always been fascinated by our body’s natural ability to heal.

Since she graduated East West College in 2017 she has been enthusiastically pursuing her new career and continues to enjoy using intuitive perception to address physical problems. Krista specializes in craniosacral therapy and deep tissue massage and enjoys mixing Tui Na into massage sessions. When she’s not at work, Krista works on her farm with her family.


Massage Therapist

Heather Jones L.M.T.


Massage Therapist

Amy Burnham L.M.T.


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Darcy Weston L.M.T.

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