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At Advantage Massage Center, our mission is to nurture the spark in everyone. Come in and see what makes us different...

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Welcome to Advantage Massage Center located in Longview WA. Advantage Massage Center is family owned and has been operating since 2001. We are invested in the idea that the Advantage family’s purpose is to Ignite and Nurture the spark of our community and its members. We love this community very much and we are invested in its well-being.

Our Focus

Our massage center in Longview WA serves as a sanctuary for those seeking the therapeutic effects of massage, in a stress free, calm and healing environment.

Advantage massage offers all levels of bodywork. Our therapists offer treatments that range from pinpointing troubled or injured areas, to stretching, to lymphatic draining, to simple therapeutic relaxation. Our therapists will listen and treat you in the best way possible.

Advantage Massage center is an all-inclusive business, which welcomes people of all age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background and sexual orientation. We are a business built upon respect for its patrons and employees and will always be a safe space to be healthy, happy, balanced and most importantly be yourself.

Advantage Massage understands that in our busy, fasted paced world, your time is valuable. We understand that the investment you are making toward your well being is of utmost importance.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful patients and clients and our dedicated massage team for making our vision a reality these past several years, we are infinitely grateful for all of you!

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Are you interested in how chiropractic can help you reach your health goals?

Natasha H.

After one week of adjustments and massages, the migraines and throwing up stopped. A few weeks later, the headaches stopped, and the other symptoms soon disappeared. My sleep has improved immensely and our nine-year-old son has stopped complaining of his back and leg pains.

M. Fleck

After two back surgeries I still had daily sciatica pain in my right leg, hip, and foot. Chiropractic first helped with light adjustments along with a couple of simple exercises and massage. I no longer need pain medication and am almost completely pain free. I can ride in the car, drive, and am very active and glad to have my life back.

Harriet H.

"My chiropractor has helped to keep me walking! I appreciate being able to come in when I am hurting. They have kept me from taking additional medication, not only for back and leg pain but also for sinus and migraine aches! I am now able to be on my feet more and take less pain medication!"