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Many of our patients first present to our office with specific health concerns. Once correction is established, we move onto wellness and that's when the fun really starts!

Over 100 years ago, the chiropractic profession was founded on one basic principle - The body is a self healing, self regulating organism - and the nervous system is the master control center of this process. You were born to be healthy. If you are not experiencing true health and wellness, something is interfering with the process.

Immune System

For over a decade, chiropractors and their patients have known that a well-adjusted spine leads to a better functioning nervous system and immune system. Our patients consistently report fewer sick days and faster recovery times.


Proper rest leads to healing, healthy weight, clarity of thought, and better function. Chiropractic is known to help people sleep better.

Hormone Balance

The nervous system controls and regulates all hormones. Our doctors are trained to recognize specific hormonal needs. Many of our patients initially visit our office for PMS, menstrual symptoms, irregularity, infertility, pregnancy care, menopause, adrenal imbalances and thyroid problems.


Our chiropractors share an avid interest in the importance of nutrition. In our office, nutrition is discussed daily. We actively participate in several nutrition based community outreach programs. These include free community nutrition classes and volunteering with the Lower Columbia School Gardens program.

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